"The Sculptors"

Mahavir Sharma– Director

Born in 1957 in district Bhiwani, Haryana , Mr Mahavir Sharma joined the transport trade at an early age of 19 years in 1976 and later in 1979, he joined a then modest private organization. Through dint of his integrity, diligence, dedication and sheer hard work, he not only helped steer the organization into a leading name in the transport industry, but also, in the process, ascended to the top of management ladder.

His forceful and respectable presence in the industry, his glorious years in the trade and the string of his achievements helped him to carve a niche for himself and at a stage where common people start thinking about retirement & complacency sets in, he decided to chart his own course by starting his own company, Mangalam Transport Private Limited, in July 2008.

He represents more than 30 years of experience in Sugar, Cement, Power and Infrastructure Transport Industry and visionary outlook complemented with an enviable industrious zeal and tireless energy. He believes in creating value for the customer and providing innovative solutions to optimize costs. He has a vast knowledge of industry practices, is widely-travelled all across India and is very easily approachable.

He believes and practices simple living and integrity and is determined to honour his commitments to the customers, vendors, employees and society at large.

Mukesh Sharma – Director

Popularly known as the trouble shooter Mr. Mukesh Sharma specializes in operations and plays a significant role in smooth and unhalted functioning of the organization by virtue of his cool temperament and innovative ideas. He personifies leadership and is young and dynamic by nature. A team player at core , he also takes care of the allocation and development of human resource of the company.

He has been an integral part of the top players in transportation business in diverse roles and has a strong back-up of being familiar with every single aspect of the industry. He himself has supervised transportation in many relatively critical and complicated industrial projects and conducted them smoothly in the most optimized manner.